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Custom Headers & X-Faces (SeaMonkey, Mozilla, Thunderbird)

Mnenhy allows to customize the set of headers shown of an e-mail or usenet posting and automatically displays X-Faces, small black/white pictures that are contained in such messages.

Mnenhy custom header view
Mnenhy custom header view


This screenshot demonstrates how the Mnenhy Custom Header List named 'Extended Normal View' (selected via the button menu in the upper left corner of the header pane or via View → Headers → Extended Normal View) alters the display of the message headers: normally hidden headers like References are visible and clickable; links, smileys and other text decorations are shown also. An X-Face is displayed to the right of the headers.

For more information about creating X-Faces, see For more information about sending X-Faces (and other headers) with Mozilla, see Mozilla bug 61520, comment #16.

Mnenhy Custom Headers preference panel
Mnenhy Custom Headers preference panel


All header display customizations are made on the Custom Headers panel of Mnenhy's preferences:

These header lists can be mangaged in the dropdownbox:

Each such list defines for every known header:

For all lists collectively defined is:

Except for Filter and Composition, you can add, rename or remove lists via the respective buttons to the upper right.

Headers can be added, edited or removed via the respective buttons to the lower right.

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