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Junk Filter Tools (SeaMonkey, Mozilla, Thunderbird)

Junk Filter Statistics
Junk Filter Statistics

Junk Filter Statistics

The Junk Filter Statistics (Tools → Junk Filter Statistics) are computed based upon the training.dat in the user profile. This may freeze Mozilla for some time (JavaScript is actually very insufficient for a task like that), especially on slow machines, but you can alter the threshold of words to ignore on Mnenhy's junk preferences panel.

You can sort the results by clicking a column's ⋀ or ⋁ symbol, but this may also need some time to finish.

Unknown Junk State Icon

Mozilla's (and thus Thunderbird's, too) junk detection algorithm is based internally upon three states: 'no junk', 'unknown' and 'junk'. Display of the unknown state was turned off some time ago (it's shown as 'no junk' nowadays), so Mnenhy provides its own icon (?) to revive this very helpful information: if you don't know about the filter's inaccuracies, how could you help training it? If the filter does not recognize junk sufficiently, it's time to rejudge messages with 'unknown' junk state.

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