Small hacks that do not yet deserve their own project.

Adds 'Copy Image to Clipboard' to Mozilla's browser context menu.

Custom identity-dependent header/value pairs for the Mozilla and Thunderbird mail editor: ValueHeaders lets you specify custom headers with respective values that will appear in the addressing dropdownbox in the mail editor.

Example: If you add these lines to your user.js

the identity id2 will have three new entries in the addressing dropdownbox: X-Test, X-Test2 and X-Test3. Selecting one of those will prefill the value textbox with the value given in the user_pref. Changing to any other identity will replace these entries (here) with the default values, i.e. id1 or id5 will show X-Stan and X-Olli.

The user_pref mail.compose.other.header is not touched by this addon.

Many thanks to for their kind support.

A small script that uses the ASCIIMathML script to allow for a TEX-like syntax to create MathML in Chatzilla.

[screenshot of TeCZML showing an example from the ASCIIMathML homepage]